Saeima committee agrees to drop purchase of expensive grand piano for Riga Castle

During the review of the legislative draft On the State Budget for 2022 on Monday, 8 November, Latvian Saeima’s Budget and Finance Committee agreed with the proposal to drop the purchase of a grand piano for Riga Castle’s Festive Hall.
EUR 183 921 will be diverted instead towards the state budget programme for emergencies.
Previously there were confused comments posted on Twitter regarding the purchase of the expensive piano.
Previously, Saeima deputy Vjačeslavs Dombrovskis from Republic Leader political party said the state administration should reconsider certain «odd expenditures», mentioning, among other thing, the purchase of the grand piano.
The political party instead insists on using financing on primary and immediate needs, such as healthcare, higher education and science, the politician previously said.
Saeima deputy Ivars Zariņš previously said he has submitted a request to divert the money from the piano purchase towards migraine treatment efforts.