Saakashvili speaks of Georgian democracy being in danger and ends hunger strike

In Georgia, former leader of the Caucasus country Mikheil Saakashvili has voiced concern over the state of democracy in Georgia and also announced the end of his 50-day hunger strike, US media organisation Radio Free Europe reports.
Saakashvili wrote in an open letter published by the news portal on November 20 that in Georgia there was a «worrisome erosion of freedom and growing Russian influence». The former leader also called on the US to influence his country’s government, evaluating that democracy in Georgia is «in grave danger.»
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Also last Saturday, the politician announced ending a 50-day hunger strike, but continuing to call for his release and transfer from a prison hospital to a civilian hospital. Meanwhile, ten pro-Saakashvili parliamentarians, who had also been hunger striking as a gesture of support, also ended their hunger strikes last weekend.
In 2018, Saakashvili was convicted in absentia of abuse of power and concealing evidence in Georgia. He returned to Georgia on October 1 after eight years of self-imposed exile and was arrested to face a six-year sentence. Saakashvili, who built a political career in Ukraine in the past decade, has rejected the charges as politically motivated.