Russian rapper arrested for allegedly spreading “LGBT propaganda” receives military summons

Russian rapper Nikolai Vasilyev, aka VACIO, who was arrested for attending an “extremist” LGBT almost naked party, has received a military summons, on the 8th of January, reported the Kyiv Post citing The Moscow Times.
At the almost naked party, Vasilyev wore only a sock on his penis, which drew outrage, and although Vasilyev denied to Russian authorities his association with the LGBT movement and claimed he was not gay, a Moscow court sentenced him to a fine and

15 days in prison for petty hooliganism and spreading “gay propaganda”.

After serving the 15-day jail sentence, the Russian rapper, who was visited by a member of Russia’s Public Monitoring Commission Alexei Lobaryov, was taken to a military registration office where he received a military summons for the 9th of January and was subsequently taken to the police where he was arrested again for hooliganism and sentenced to 10 more days in jail.
Although Vasilyev was due to be released on Friday, he will still be detained on the day he is due to report to the military recruitment centre, Lobaryov said.

Vasilyev “is not at risk of serving in the army” because he does not meet the requirements due to his health, Lobaryov said.

BNN already reported that after the photos of the private party on the 21st of December were leaked, they received a negative reaction in Russian society, which resulted in various Russian artists such as Filip Kirkorov, Eurovision winner Dima Bilana, Ksenia Sobchak and the organiser of the party Anastasia Ivleeva apologising on camera and receiving punishments.
The party took place at a crucial moment for Russia, as next month marks two years since its invasion of Ukraine and the presidential elections scheduled for March.
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