Russian coal mine hit by gas tragedy

In a Russian coal mine, the leak of poisonous gases has taken the lives of 52 people, Russian state news agency TASS reported quoting officials.
The tragic accident gas taken place on Thursday, November 25, in southern Siberia, where the Listvyazhnaya mine is located in the Kemerovo Oblast. On Thursday morning, rescuers received a smoke alarm from the Listvyazhnaya mine and rescuers and medics were dispatched to the site.
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The Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations stated that there were 287 miners in the mine at the moment of the accident. A total of 239 people were evacuated, but according to the latest reports, 52 people died, including rescuers.
«We also had a tragedy yesterday: six rescuers died. It is impossible to speak about anyone’s survival in the gas atmosphere that is currently present at the emergency area,» Yuri She, the Kemerovo Militarized mountain rescue squad commander, said to reporters. Law enforcement have detained the mine’s director, his deputy and the disaster area supervisor as part of an effort to determine the causes of the tragedy, TASS reports.