Russian citizen among the accused in criminal case involving Saeima deputy

A Russian citizen is among the accused in the criminal case involving Saeima deputy Jānis Ādamsons, who is accused of espionage. A criminal process was separated for two other persons. Latvian State Security Service (VDD) continues its investigation.
On 9 December the majority of Saeima deputies permitted commencement of criminal prosecution of Saeima deputy Jānis Ādamsons. On the same day it was decided to prosecute him in accordance with sections of the Criminal Law on spying, large scale fraud and acquisition and storage of firearm ammunition without a permit.
The deputy is accused of fraud with fuel cost compensation with about EUR 100. Police also found several dozen firearm rounds at his home.
The office of the prosecutor has confirmed that along with Ādamsons there is some Russian citizen who is accused of acquisition of confidential information for a foreign intelligence service. This summer there was news about detainment and arrest of a Russian citizen – former member of the KGB Gennady Silonov.
TV3 programme Nekā personīga reported in summer 2021 that Silonov was born and raised in Latvia. He studied at the Institute of Aviation and had the rank of captain in Latvian SSR KGB branch. He worked in the division in charge of organised crime prevention.
After the collapse of USSR and liquidation of the local KGB branch, Silonov moved to Russia. However, he maintained contacts with Latvia and visited the country regularly.
He is considered a person who was able to resolve many issued using his contacts. He is also believed to have close ties with Russian Federal Security Service.
Nekā personīga reported in summer that an arrest as a security measure may be applied to the once the head of Latvian SSR KGB Investigation Office, VDD predecessor – Security Police and former Minister of the Interior Mareks Segliņš’s advisor Andris Strautmanis and the chief of municipal police of some city in Latvia.
Without mentioning names, VDD affirms that a criminal process has been separated for two other persons. Investigation continues. In the interest of the investigation VDD does not offer any detailed comments.
Considering the prohibition to perform investigative activities in person at Riga Central Prison, measures have been taken to ensure prison officials hand Ādamsons an official notice from the Law on Criminal Procedures regarding his rights and duties as well as copy of official criminal charges.
On 17 December Riga City Vidzeme Suburb Court will discuss if Ādamsons should remain under arrest.
Ādamsons was detained by VDD at the start of June and put under arrest.
On 10 June the majority of Saeima deputies permitted a search to be performed at Ādamsons’ home, as well as his detainment and arrest.
Information from LETA indicates law enforcers suspect Ādamsons of about 40 different crime episodes.
According to LTV, Ādamsons is suspected of collecting and providing information to Russia for the last four years. According to unofficial information, he collected and provided different publicly available documents – law amendments, information about military procurements and budget, eastern border infrastructure, information about the Baltic Assembly’s stance on Nord Stream 2, etc. It is also believed he may have used his computer in the parliament to pass on sensitive data.
In the Saeima Ādamsons worked in the Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Prevention Committee, Submissions Committee and Baltic Affairs Sub-Committee. Although Ādamsons has no permit to access official secrets, he had the right to participate in meetings of the Defence, Internal Affairs and Corruption Committee during which officials presented confidential information.
He also worked in multiple Saeima deputy groups. As a member of the parliament he worked in the work group in charge of cooperation with the Israeli Parliament, the Chinese Parliament and Belarusian Parliament.
In January 2019 Ādamsons became the head of the group of deputies in charge of developing cooperation with the Russian parliament.
During the Soviet era Ādamsons held different posts in the USSR Navy. After the restoration of Latvia’s independence Ādamsons served as deputy commander of Latvian Navy and commander of the Border Guards Brigade. Later he entered politics.
Ādamsons still receives a military pension paid by Russia.
After his arrest, Ādamsons decided to leave the political party Harmony and its faction in the Saeima. He remains a Saeima deputy, however.