Russia reports success; NATO increases aid to Ukraine

Moscow has informed that its army has managed to break through Ukrainian fortification lines in two places; meanwhile, allies will increase support for Kyiv to better arm it, Reuters writes.
The Russian army has been replenished by reservists, and now it is attacking Ukrainian positions with increasing intensity. A new, powerful attack is believed to be on the way, although some experts say it is likely to have already begun. Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine Hanna Malyar wrote in Telegram that shellings are taking place 24 hours a day in eastern Ukraine, and the situation is serious.
The Russian Defense Ministry has reported that Ukrainian forces have retreated in Luhansk, but did not provide information about the exact location. Reuters has been unable to confirm these statements.

The military admistration in Kyiv said that six Russian balloons which possibly contained reconnaissance equipment were cut down.

It is believed that the purpose of the balloons was to determine the location of anti-aircraft defense systems. Russia has not commented.
Russia’s main target remains Bakhmut. On the 15th of February, the occupiers attacked several settlements in its vicinity.
NATO countries have agreed to increase the amount of ammunition produced, since Ukraine is using up the ammunition faster than it is being produced. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told the media after the meeting in Brussels: «Things are happening, but … we need to step up even more, because there is a big need out there to provide Ukraine with ammunition.»
Ukraine has so far received impressive military support. The United States alone has provided 27,4 billion dollars in aid since the beginning of the war.
European Union High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell called on other countries to join Germany and send tanks to Ukraine. Britain and other European countries will help Ukraine with military equipment, including spare parts for tanks and artillery ammunition. US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said Ukraine has a good chance of success on the battlefield this year. However, US officials have called on Ukraine to refrain from a large-scale attack until new weapons loads have been delivered and training in their use has been carried out.
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