Russia halts participation in Black Sea grain export deal

Russia has announced its decision to halt participation in the international deal that allows Ukraine to export grain from its sea ports in the Black Sea, as reported by BBC.
The decision to exit the deal came after the «mass» drone attack by Ukrainian forces on the Russian Black Sea fleet stationed in Sevastopol, Crimea.
Russian Ministry of Defence claims that the strike drones used in the attack on 29 October were aimed at ships involved in the deal. The ministry reports that those ships were only slightly damaged in the attack.
Several hours after the attack the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow presented a statement:

«The Russian side cannot guarantee the safety of civilian dry cargo ships participating in the Black Sea Initiative, and suspends its implementation from today for an indefinite period.»

Russia also accused British troops of taking part in the drone attack. No evidence was provided. Russia says it was «in connection with the actions of the Ukrainian armed forces, which were led by British specialists», adding that the attack was «directed… against Russian ships that ensured the functioning of the said humanitarian corridor».
In its response, the British Ministry of Defence claims Russia is «resorting to peddling false claims of an epic scale».