Rishi Sunak becomes Britain’s new prime minister

Britain’s Minister of Finances Rishi Sunak has won in the race for the leader’s position of the Conservative Party, which means he will become the country’s new prime minister, as reported by BBC.
Sunak won after his sole competitor Penny Mordaunt announced her decision to leave the race after failing to secure the necessary support from 100 members.

This makes Rishi Sunak the first British prime minister of Asian descent.

He takes office in a time when Britain is dealing with enormous economic problems.
BBC reports that Sunak will officially become prime minister on Tuesday, 25 October.
Liz Truss announced her decision to resign as prime minister last week. She also said the reason why she resigns is because she is unable to deliver the mandate on which she was elected.
Truss spent a mere 45 days in office. This makes it the shortest term any British PM has spent in office in the history of the United Kingdom.