Rimi, Maxima and Lidl unveil their open hours and strategy for the next month

Following the new and tight quarantine restrictions, the biggest food stores in Latvia – Lidl, Maxima and Rimi – are forced to change and adapt their operational strategy and open hours accordingly.
From Thursday, 21 October, onward all Lidl stores in Latvia will stick to the following open hours: 06:30 – 19:00.
Like before, all food stores will remain open to all residents equally.
All Rimi stores except certain Rimi Mini stores, will be open 07:00-19:00 from 21 October onward. E-store deliveries will be carried out 08:00-19:00. Rimi Drive orders will be delivered by 19:00.
Rimi Mini Salaspils Riga, Rimi Mini Ganību in Liepāj and Rimi Mini Tūristu in Saldus will be open 08:00-19:00;
Rimi Mini Vienības in Riga will be open 09:00-19:00;
Rimi Mini Deglava in Riga, Rimi Mini Tārgales in Ventspils, Rimi Mini Piltenes in Kuldiga, Rimi Mini Raudas in Tukums and Rimi Mini in Dubulti will be open 07:00-19:00;
Rimi Mini in Talsi will be open 97:00-19:00 on workdays and 10:00-17:00 on Saturdays and Sundays.
All Maxima stores, including ones located in shopping malls, will remain open to all residents 07:00-19:00. On Sundays these stores will be open 08:00 – 19:00. All week round residents will be able to purchase goods from any category – food, household, as well as other everyday goods, like clothes, footwear, etc.