Rīgas satiksme terminates Slokas Street tramway line reconstruction procurement project

Municipal company SIA Rīgas satiksme has terminated the procurement project for the reconstruction of tramway line in Riga, Slokas Street, according to information from the Procurement Monitoring Bureau (IUB).
Because it is necessary develop additional technical documentation for the procurement project – sketches, the decision was made to terminate the procurement project, as mentioned on IUB website.
Previously road and bridge construction company A.C.B. had submitted a complaint over the tender organized by Latvian Ministry of Transport for the reconstruction of the tramway lines. A.C.B. representatives said that after evaluating the company’s submitted information and after contacting the developer of the construction project, the procurement committee decided on 27 September to terminate the open tender for the reconstruction of railway lines on Slokas Street. Once sketches have been completed and submitted, the client will announce a new open tender.
The total price of the aforementioned procurement project EUR 7 031 159.
According to the procurement project, the winner will have to reconstruct railway lines and create a public transport line on Slokas Street from Jurmala gatve all the way to the intersection with Kalnciema Street (intersection included) for the low-floor tramway project.
Reconstruction will need to be performed in three stages without interfering with tramway movement.
Completion of the project in all three stages may not exceed 30 months.
As previously reported, in 2020 Rīgas satiksme’s turnover was EUR 173.503 million, which is 9.2% less than a year prior. The company’s profits increased 26.09%, reaching EUR 980 886.