Riga’s mayor says 5% of municipal workers remain non-vaccinated; employment in question

Continued employment of approximately 5% municipal workers in Riga is in question due to the fact that they are not vaccinated for Covid-19, said Riga mayor Mārtiņš Staķis in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorāma on 10 November.
The head of the city council believes the municipal administration did a good job of motivating workers to vaccinate. This helped reach 80% vaccination coverage at different municipal institutions in Riga.
However, 5% of workers still have not vaccinated for Covid-19. Their continued employment is in question if they fail to undergo vaccination and secure a Covid-19 vaccination certificate.
Staķis admits in some institutions the percentage of non-vaccinated workers is even higher. Nevertheless,
he believes although it will be necessary to suspend some workers, residents will not experience any major changes with service accessibility.
The mayor of Riga also hopes both hospitals in Riga will be able to return to their normal operations now that the number of Covid-19 patients has reduced.