Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital close to prioritizing patients

Because of the situation with Covid-19, the situation at Riga Eastern Clinical University Hospital (RAKUS) has become even more complicated and the intensive care ward is overloaded. Soon enough it will be necessary to consider patient prioritization, said RAKUS chairman Imants Paeglītis in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorāma on 2 November.
Paeglītis said another anti-record was reached at the hospital yesterday, because there are 398 Covid-19 patients undergoing treatment at the hospital. 74 patients are in intensive care. «The number is unfortunately high. Every day we see more and more. We are close to the point of being forced to start sorting and prioritizing patients,» added Paeglītis.
The head of the hospital said the intensive care ward is exhausted – 100% of beds are already full.
«For example, if a road traffic accident occurs, we will have to start prioritizing patients,» said Paeglītis.
The number of Covid-19 patients being treated at hospitals in Latvia increased from 1 526 to 1 592 this Monday, 1 November.
Of the Covid-19 patients 1 403 suffer from moderately severe infection. 189 or 11.9% are in a critical state.
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So far Covid-19 has been confirmed for 219 911 people. A total of 3 266 deaths from Covid-19 have been confirmed in Latvia so far.