Riga 2nd Hospital to be reserved solely for Covid-19 patient care

Riga 2nd Hospital will be reserved to admit and treat only Covid-19 patients. All of the hospital’s medical technologies, premises and medical personnel will be diverted in order to open up 150 new beds for Covid-19 patients, says Riga City Council representative Mārtiņš Vilemsons.
This decision was made by Riga City Council Public Affairs Committee on Monday, 1 November.
To ensure doctors have sufficient oxygen supplies to assist with treatment of Covid-19 patients, it is necessary to construct an oxygen system at the hospital.
If allocation of necessary financing for this is slowed, costs will be covered from Riga municipal administration’s reserves.
Riga’s 1st Hospital reopened its Covid-19 ward on 24 October. Initially it was planned to set 50 Covid-19 beds there. Now, however, it is planned to increase this number to at least 150.
The final decision will be made by Riga City Council.
As previously reported, last week Riga City Council made the decision that allows for a more operational response to rapid changes and the need to increase the number of Covid-19 beds at hospitals that report to the municipal administration – Riga’s 1st Hospital and Riga’s 2nd Hospital.
«Healthcare institutions in Riga have done a wonderful job of exacting massive changes, adapting their operations to the crisis situation. I would like to thank every person who has contributed and continues contributing the time they could have spent with their family to support our society during this difficult time. In spite of the late and slow reaction from cooperation partners, Riga has proven it is able to operate in a unified and organized manner,» stresses Riga City Council Public Affairs Committee Viesturs Kleinbergs.