Residents in Latgale warned about possible power outages due to heavy snowfall

According to forecasts from Latvia’s State Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre, on 29 November the country’s eastern territories will experience heavy snowfall and ice rain. Meteorologists warn about possible power outages.
AS Sadales tīkls specialists are prepared to prevent possible damages to the power lines and restore power supply to all affected clients as soon quickly as possible. In the event of an intense blizzard residents are urged to be careful around power lines and be prepared for possible power outages.
According to meteorologists, the layer of snow in Latvia may increase 10 cm over the course of a single day.
In the evening eastern regions of Latvia are expected to experience ice rain, which means roads and trees may end up iced over. Heavy snowfall will continue in Latvia in the coming days.
Sadales tīkls warns the weight of snow and ice may cause tree branches to snap and fall on power lines, severing them. Residents are urged to be careful when near power lines.
If residents see a dangerous situation, such as broken tree branches hanging on power lines or torn power lines, they should avoid coming close to the site and instead report what happened and where to Sadales tīkls using the free hotline 8404 or the State Fire and Rescue Service by dialling 112!
Residents can use the interactive map at to follow information regarding damages to power lines.