Putin once again accuses the west of attempt to «destroy Russia»

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin has once again accused the west of attempts to destroy Russia has has warned that the world can expect «probably the most dangerous» decade since the end of WWII, as reported by BBC.
During his speech at the Valdai forum on Thursday, 27 October, the Russian president tried to justify the invasion and war in Ukraine, which has led to Russia’s international isolation. Putin also accused the west of nuclear blackmail so that allies would turn away from Moscow.
A day before the forum he monitored Russian nuclear drills, during which it was planned to execute a retaliatory nuclear strike.
«We have never proactively said anything about potentially using nuclear arms. We have only responded to comments of western leaders,» he told the audience.
At the same time Putin warned the west multiple times that

Russia will use «all available means» to defend itself, which is a statement widely interpreted as a nuclear threat by many in the west.

BNN previously reported that Moscow has turned to multiple western leaders with claims of Ukraine allegedly preparing a «dirty bomb» – a mixture of explosives and radioactive materials.
NATO, on the other hand, waved it off as absurd Russian claims.
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Putin also stressed that the «undivided dominance of the west» is coming to an end, adding that the world is at a «historical frontier».
«Ahead is probably the most dangerous, unpredictable and at the same time important decade since the end of World War Two,» said Putin, stressing that

«future world order is being formed before our eyes».

Though Putin once again accused the west with USA in charge of attempts to destroy Russia, he did not provide any real proof to justify his claims.