Public transport company in Riga changes evening bus and trolleybus boarding rules

From the 1st of August onward, passengers in Riga using bus and trolleybus services provided by Rīgas satiksme in the evenings will have to board public transports using the front doors only, the company announces.
Passengers with baby carriages and people in wheelchairs will still be able to use the central doors. Boarding of tramways in Riga will remain the same.

After 21:00 p.m. passengers will need to register their trips in buses and trolleybuses at the driver’s console.

Passengers that pay for their trips using a code ticket app will have to pay for the trip when boarding the bus of trolleybus and show to the driver a confirmation of payment on their phone.

This way the driver will make sure all passengers register their trip and pay for it.

The point of this measure is changing passengers’ habits so that they register their trips and to reduce the number of people who do neither of those things.
Currently the procedure that requires passengers to board public transports through the front door is employed on 30 public transport routes. This additional evening requirement will help increase the percentage of such routes by approximately 22%.
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