Proposal voiced to pay seniors money for Covid-19 vaccination in Latvia

To motivate seniors to vaccinate, it may be a good idea to pay them for Covid-19 vaccination, said Latvian Minister of Justice Jānis Bordāns after a meeting of the coalition on Monday, 4 October.
He said healthcare workers would go from «home to home», offering seniors vaccination and paying them money after the jab.
The minister also said no specific crisis management offers were submitted to the government at the 4 October meeting. The politician also plans to propose the option of paying seniors for jabs at the meeting of the Crisis Management Council.
The minister of justice also stressed it is necessary to outline the duty to vaccinate for people employed in the public sector, court and police workers included.
Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš said the government has already made vaccination compulsory for certain professions. He adds the list may be expanded further. At the same time, he stressed there have been different proposals voiced recently on ways to promote vaccination. One of them was the vaccination lottery, which fell through.
He also said residents may be paid as a reward for getting vaccinated as well.
Kariņš said the government may return to this and other topics, because it is the government’s goal to expand vaccination coverage. He said there are only two ways to acquire Covid-19 immunity: recovering from the infection or by vaccinating.
The prime minister stressed that at the 5 October meeting of the Crisis Management Council it is planned to discuss measures to promote vaccination.