Progressive Party: it is critical for Latvia’s next government to act democratically and legally

The Progressive Party said approval of the previously halted Riga development plan as one of the main objectives of the next government, as reported by the party’s leader Kaspars Briškens after meeting with New Unity on Wednesday, 19 October.
He said Riga development plan was halted due to gambling business interests. In this context the politician said regulation of gambling businesses should be left in the hands of local governments.
As previously reported, the Ministry of Environment Protection and Regional Development halted Riga development plan.
Progressive Party’s politician said talks with New Unity have been very transparent so far. Efforts to find common ground continue.

Regardless of Progressive Party’s role – in coalition or opposition – it is critically important for the next government to work legally and democratically, stressed Briškens.

One important position mentioned by the politician was the requirement for the next government to ensure no political influence is possible over state companies.
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