Progress in coalition formation talks; informal meetings to continue

Representatives of New Unity and Combined List have reached progress and an agreement in regards to government priorities in the defence sector, as confirmed by Security Workgroup’s head, PM Krišjānis Kariņš’s parliamentary secretary Evika Siliņa.
In the second half of the week parties participating in coalition talks discussed topics like actions in security, health, business, sustainable development, energy and energy protection sectors. Next week it is planned to hold meetings to discuss tasks in the social sector, said Siliņa.
When asked if any agreements are already reached in certain topics or tasks, the PM’s parliamentary secretary said it will be possible to tell after some time – once results of all workgroups have been compiled.
Combined List politician Edvards Smiltēns similarly said that today’s talks outlined that his party and New Unity are «on the same page».

Both parties discussed security, health, small and medium-sized businesses, as well as demographic topics, said the politician.

It is important to find systematic solutions, because previous experiences indicate that uncovered problems cannot be resolved by ‘throwing money at them’, said Smiltēns, adding that funding availability is equally important. This is why, for example, when it comes to the topic of demography politicians discussed problems like kindergarten accessibility, support policy, education and healthcare for children.
Combined List’s politicians also told New Unity’s representatives that it would make sense to start working in a trilateral format – New Unity, Combined List and National Alliance – next week, adding that this is when they should start working on the government declaration.

According to Smiltēns, formation of a three-party coalition is logical because if bilateral talks continue, it would mean wasting even more time.

According to representatives from New Unity, this week there were in-depth talks with Combined List. Meetings with representatives from the National Alliance and Progressive Party are scheduled for Friday, 21 October.
This week New Unity organised work groups to meet with potential coalition partners and hold discussions in regards to different important topics.
An informal approach is chosen for these talks. Time and place of those meetings are not announced. New Unity’s leader Kariņš does not plan to take part in those meetings, as he is away in Brussels.
New Unity holds talks with Combined List, National Alliance and Progressive Party. Both the Combined List and National Alliance make it clear, however, they do not want Progressive Party in the coalition.

More clarity may come next week, when Krišjānis Kariņš is scheduled to meet with President Egils Levits.

Potential coalition partners in Latvia have managed to reach agreements on national reforms, New Unity politicians said on Tuesday, 18 October, adding that this will be some ‘good news’ to report to the president next week.
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As previously reported, Latvia’s President Egils Levits authorised New Unity leader Krišjānis Kariņš to hold meetings with potential coalition partners to form the country’s next government.