Procurement of first shipment of Covid-19 tests falls through in Latvia

The supplier picked for the supply of Covid-19 antigen tests Ekpress laboratorija and another contended have refused the signing of the supply contract, as reported by Latvian Ministry of Defence spokesperson Kaspars Galkins.
Due to this reason it will be necessary to reach out to other contenders to sign supply contracts.
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BNN previously reported Latvia’s government had reached a general agreement with five contenders – Ekspress laboratorija, Brief, ADDO Defense, A-birojs and A.Medical.
Ekspress laboratorija was picked because it offered the lowest price and the quickest delivery term. But now Ekspress laboratorija has refused the signing of the approximately EUR 3 million worth contract seemingly at the last moment. Considering the aforementioned the Provision State Agency decided to reach out to the next supplies that had the right for the signing of a general agreement, but it too refused. The ministry does not reveal the name of this company.
According to information available to the ministry, the signing of the supply contract fell through because of complications in the transport and logistics sector around the world. This means companies that were contacted said they would not be able to supply the goods by the set deadline – 6 December, said Galkins.
VALIC continues talks with the remaining three companies. Considering the situation with the two aforementioned companies, it is clear the price will only increase, as will the delivery term.
If a contract is signed with one of the three remaining companies, Galkins did not say how long it will take to receive the tests.
As previously reported, some residents and many politicians in Latvia are confused why Ekspress laboratorija was picked, considering it was founded in March this year. There were also changes added to the list of its owners last week.
Jeļena Putviķe became the largest owner of Ekspress laboratorija last week.
The government’s previous decision provided for residents who work in jobs that require close contacts with other colleagues or customers would have to undergo regular Covid-19 testing twice a week using antigen tests. This applies to vaccinated and non-vaccinated residents.
On 30 November, however, the government decided to make regular Covid-10 testing voluntary for employed people.