Prisoner export in Europe: Denmark to rent 300 prison places in Kosovo

Denmark has agreed with Kosovo rent 300 prison cells in the Balkan country as Denmark has seen a rapid increase in the number of prison inmates since 2015, British news portal The Guardian reports.
«We will be short of up to 1,000 places in the prison estate by 2025,» Danish Minister of Justice, Nick Hækkerup, stated this week. «With the agreement, it is agreed to rent 300 prison places in Kosovo and expand the prison capacity in Denmark by several hundred places,» according to the statement.
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Denmark has selected a special group of inmates for the measure. These are people due to be deported from the Nordic country at the end of their sentences.
Since 2015, Denmark’s prison population has grown by 19%, reaching more than 4,000 inmates at the start of 2021 and exceeding 100% of capacity, official statistics showed as quoted by The Guardian.