Prigozhin’s mother wins court over EU sanctions

The mother of the owner of the Wagner Group, Yevhenii Prigozhin, has won the case regarding the legality of the sanctions imposed on her, writes Politico.
The court decided that solely family ties with the owner of a mercenary group close to Russian President Vladimir Putin cannot be the reason for persons to be sanctioned, and annulled the sanctions imposed on Violeta Prigozhina.
Another reason for Prigozhin’s inclusion in the sanctions lists was the company she supposedly owns, Concord Management and Consulting LLC, founded by her son. However, the court found out that Prigozhina has not been the owner of the company since 2017.
True, this judgment only applies to the first inclusion in the sanctions lists in February 2022.

Sanctions on Prigozhina were reinstated six months later, meaning she is still barred from entering the European Union and her assets are frozen.

The representative of the European Commission stated that the judgment is currently being analyzed.
Prigozhina was one of the first people to be put on sanctions lists in connection with Russia’s actions in Ukraine. In total, the European Union has included more than 1,400 people in the sanctions lists.
The court’s verdict may have a significant impact on other cases where family members of supporters of the aggressor state are sanctioned.
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