Price rise for app cabs noticed in Estonia

In Estonia, a considerable rise in the costs of smartphone app-based taxi rides has been noticed by passengers. Bolt, a leading ride-sharing app company, explains that higher demand not higher fees have caused this, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports.
On Tuesday, September 14, Aktuaalne kaamera programme of the ETV channel analysed, why the prices of taxis called by apps have risen over recent months. Journalists interviewed Alina who often uses ride hailing apps to get to work. The woman noted that in May and June a ride cost between EUR 2 and 3, but since mid-June prices have risen significantly. The highest price she recalled was EUR 12 for a five-to-six-minute taxi ride and she felt waiting times have also increased. told AK her fares have risen over summer.
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«It’s very expensive and inconvenient,» Alina evaluated. According to her, the problem has also been noticed by her friends and applies to the ride-sharing taxi apps of Bolt and Yandex.
Eva Liisa Rikkas, manager of Bolti’s driving services, in Estonia, argued the company has not increased its prices recently. «However, we can see higher demand since spring when the restrictions ended. There are a lot of many customers, there is more movement,» Rikkas was quoted by ERR.