Positive air temperatures expected in Latvia this week; chilly weather to return on weekend

This week weather in Latvia is expected to be volatile – on Monday, 13 December, not much precipitation is expected. On Tuesday and Wednesday weather in the country will be mostly overcast with some precipitation.
Air temperature will drop again on the weekend, as reported by Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
On Monday weather in Latvia will be cloudy with moments of clear sky. Some precipitation is expected in some areas – mostly wet snow and snow. Freezing rain is also expected in eastern parts of Latvia. Central regions of Latvia, Riga included, will not experience considerable precipitation.
Road traffic participants should be careful while on the road, because roads will be slippery!
Wind speed will be slow and there is a possibility of mist. Daytime air temperature will be -2° C… +2° C.
On Tuesday weather will remain mostly cloudy. A new precipitation zone will approach Latvia from the north-west, which will bring wet snow and snow, as well as rain in Kurzeme. Roads will become iced over again. The wind will blow from the south. Wind speed may be particularly strong along the coast. Air temperature in most of Latvia will be +1° C… +6° C. Air temperature will stay below 0° C in eastern regions.
Warmer masses of air will flow to Latvia from the west on Wednesday – air temperature will reach +2° C… +7° C during the day. Negative air temperatures at night are expected in eastern territories. Some rain is expected in many parts of Latvia on Monday.
Thursday and Friday will pass without considerable precipitation. Weather will once again become cold in Latvia on the weekend. Rain will be replaced with snow.
Meteorologists warn that melting snow will cause water level to increase in rivers.