Portugal’s parliament to be dissolved over budget rejection, President says

In Portugal, the country’s National Assembly will be dissolved and a snap election will be held, Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa has stated, British broadcaster BBC reports.
De Sousa announced his decision on Thursday, November 4. The Portuguese President criticised the National Assembly’s rejection of the government’s draft budget for 2022, which has taken place for the first time in decades in the southern European country. De Sousa pointed out that the budget would be crucial as Portugal tries to exit the pandemic and an «economic and social crisis».
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The early election is planned on January 30, 2022. The move comes after a period of relative political stability under Socialist Prime Minister António Costa. The Prime Minister has been in power for six years despite his Socialist Party lacking a majority in parliament.
Following the 2015 election, the Socialist Party entered written reals with far-left parties to assure the passage of key legislation. However, following the 2019 parliamentary election, agreements of cooperation were signed and Costa’s government has relied on case-by-case talks, BBC reports.