Pope Francis: World losing compassion, looks silently at war, tragedies

Pope Francis of the Roman Catholic Church has evaluated that the world shows less compassion to immense human tragedies in wars and different crises, British public broadcaster BBC reports.
In his annual Urbi et Orbi address in Vatican, the head of the Roman Catholic Church addressed followers on Saturday, December 27. Thousands of Catholic faithful with facemasks on watched and listened in St Peter’s Square as the Argentinian cleric delivered his Christmas Day address from the balcony of the Basilica.
«We continue to witness a growing number of conflicts, crises and disagreements. These never seem to end and by now we hardly even notice them,» Pope Frances pointed out. «We have become so used to them that immense tragedies are being passed over in silence.»
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The cleric pointed to military conflicts and their consequences in Syria, Iraq and Yemen «where an enormous tragedy overlooked by everyone has silently gone on for years». The 85-year-old prayed for peace to come to conflicts in other conflict areas around the world, including Ukraine, Ethiopia and the Sahel in Africa, BBC reports.