Pope Francis calls to world leaders to address climate change more actively

In a time when many parts of the world are subjected to intense heat waves, floods and forest fires, on the 23rd of July Pope Francis invited world leaders to fight against climate change more actively.
“All of us here and in many countries around the world are experiencing extreme climate phenomena,” he said in his Angelus message to the people at St. Peter’s Square on Sunday, the 23rd of July.
“Please, I renew my appeal to world leaders to do something more concrete to limit polluting emissions.

It is an urgent challenge, it cannot be postponed, it concerns everyone. Let us protect our common home,” he said to a crowd of about 20 000.

Pope Francis especially addressed the recent floods in South Korea.
Italy and most of South Europe have been subjected to intense heat waves in recent days. Nearly 19 000 people have been evacuated from the Rhodes in Greece because of forest fires.

Pope Francis also mentioned the thousands of migrants that have been trying to flee North African deserts for years.

European and African government should take care of these people, he said.
“The Mediterranean should no longer be a place of death and inhumanity,” said the Pope.
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