Politologist says Pinto needs more experience to run in EP elections

Elīna Pinto, who lost in the recent presidential elections in Latvia, needs more political experience and knowledge before she can try running in European Parliament (EP) elections, says Riga Stradins University lecturer, politologist Lelde Metla-Rozentāle.
She told the media that there is talk about Pinto potentially running in EP elections. However, she has yet to demonstrate having what it takes to run for a seat in the EP.

Metla-Rozentāle reminded that until now Pinto’s posts in various institutions in Latvia and European Union have been administrative, not official level.

She needs to develop her political experience and expand knowledge, and this should be done together with Progressive Party, if she wants to develop her political career, said the politologist.

She did praise Pinto’s energy, will and confidence, however.

During her run for presidency, Pinto’s image was painted on the background of various public events, which is not enough to be a competitive candidate in EP elections. “You need tangible content,” stressed Metla-Rozentāle.
As previously reported, on the 31st of May Pinto dropped out of presidential elections after receiving only ten votes.
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