Police launch two administrative violation procedures against Aldis Gobzems

On Monday, 6 December, Latvian State Police released the previously detained Saeima deputy Aldis Gobzems. Nevertheless, two administrative violation procedures were launched as well.
Two administrative violation procedures have been commenced against the organiser of the protest act in Tukums. One of them is for resisting police and the other for the breach of the Law on Meetings, Processions, and Pickets, as reported by State Police Public Relations Office.
Administrative violation procedures have been commenced in relation to other participants of Gobzems’ protest.
State Police urge residents to refrain from attending unsanctioned protests and gatherings.
After his release, Gobzems announced on social media that he intends to demand «dismissal of all Tukums cops» for «gross violation of the law». He also wants the removal of Minister of the Interior Marija Golubeva and Chief of Latvian State Police Armands Ruks for «unlawful actions» taken against the Saeima deputy.
In spite of the incident in Tukums, Gobzems decided to travel further – to Talsi. It is there he had previously announced a meeting with residents. If he ends up detained in Talsi, he said he will go to Ventspils, Lieapaja and other cities.
Several dozen people met with him in Talsi, according to a video posted on social media.
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As previously reported, Gobzems was detained by police in Tukums this Monday. He arrived there in a special bus with advertisements plastered on it. He originally planned to engage in an anti-government protest.
Several dozen people gathered for his protest. During, Gobzems’ detainment those people loudly condemned police officers for the politician’s detainment.
This isn’t the first time Gobzems has got in trouble with the police. On 4 August he was fined EUR 350 and EUR 2 000 for organising an unsanctioned protest against Covid-19 vaccination. As for violations committed at the 18 August protest act against compulsory Covid-19 vaccination, Gobzems was fined EUR 6 700.