Police in Rezekne detain three minors on suspicion of murder of two men

Latvian law enforcers detained three minors in Rezekne on suspicion of murder of two men, as confirmed by State Police.
On Saturday, the 6th of January, police received a call to Akmeņu Street, where the body of a 1958-born man was found in an apartment. Two 1969-born men were found with various injuries as well.
One of the two victims was injured so badly that the ambulance crew could not resuscitate him, and he died. The other injured man was hospitalised.
On the same day, following an investigation, police detained one 2009-born and two 2008-born youngsters on suspicion of aggravated murder.
A forensic investigation is underway to determine what happened and what were the motives.
On Monday, the 8th of January, two of the suspects were placed under arrest.
The punishment for a crime of this kind is life in prison, or 15 to 25 years in prison. For minors the punishment is less severe.