Police detain 16 people for different violations during Gobzems’ «event» in Riga

On Monday, 13 December, police in Riga detained 16 participants of a protest act organised by scandalous Saeima deputy Aldis Gobzems, as confirmed by chief of Latvian State Police Armands Ruks in an interview to LTV programme Rīta panorāma.
The chief of police explains that initially it was estimated that more people would come to the event. This did not happen, however. At one point the number of people did not exceed 1 000.
«At the same time, this is a large number and epidemiological risks were high. We found numerous violations. The fact that multiple people were found to be in the state of drunkenness did not help,» said Ruks.
So far there are news about 16 detained persons. Six cases are for small hooliganism. Police have also commenced four criminal processes for attacks on police officers.
People gathered for Aldis Gobzems’ protest at Riga Castle. Source: LETAOther violations were found in relation to breaches of Covid-19 restrictions. Authorities will investigate the possible responsibility of organisers of the event. Ruks also said police have annulled roadworthiness certificates for eight vehicles. Police have also confiscated registration plates of three cars.
Ruks adds that a group of teenagers organised a party not far from a petrol station close to Riga Castle on the same day as the protests took place.
Two persons from one group were detained for public disturbance.
Another group of people was detained by the police for hooliganism last night. Two were detained at first. Detainment of the remaining three required the use of tear gas, however.
Another person was detained for firing petards near Riga Castle. Another person was detained for attacking a municipal police officer. The perpetrator pushed a police officer and tried to throw him on the ground.
Both perpetrators were detained on the spot and delivered to the nearest police department. Police also detained two persons at Gobzems’ protest for breach of drone piloting rules.
There is also information about a police officer who was injured at the protest. He was delivered to a hospital.
On Monday evening an «art installation» was left near the Kristaps the Great statue. Gobzems called it the corruption iceberg. Police have commenced an administrative violation procedure against the person who delivered and installed the item.