Poland and 40 other countries agree to abandon coal in energy production

In the UN Climate Change Conference, Poland, Ukraine and dozens of other countries, where coal is burnt in power stations to acquire electricity and heating, have committed to leaving the use of coal for this purpose in the coming decades, British broadcaster BBC reports.
On Wednesday, November 3, major coal-using countries including Poland, Vietnam and Chile are among those to sign the agreement have committed to ending all investment in new coal power generation domestically and internationally. The more than 40 countries have also agreed to phase out coal power in the 2030s for major economies and the 2040s for poorer nations, the British government stated.
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Importantly, tens of organisations also agreed to the pledge, with several major banks agreeing to stop financing the coal industry.
Although coal is the single biggest contributor to climate change, some of the world’s biggest coal-dependent countries, including Australia, India, China and the US, did not make the promise, BBC reports.