PM: Latvia needs a way to protect less wealthy residents against electricity price rise

Latvian government needs to prepare a plan to help protect less wealthy residents against the rapid electricity price rise, said Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš in an interview to TV3.
The PM reminds the Ministry of Economy presented the government with a report on electricity and gas price rise yesterday. The report reached the conclusion that there are no signs of an energy resource crisis. Nevertheless, prices are on a rise.
Kariņš said prices of energy resources are on a rise for manufacturers around the world. This means businessmen in some countries are not in a more favourable position than their colleagues in other countries. Nevertheless, the price rise is a challenge for poor residents.
Because of this reason ministries have two months to prepare a plan to identify the people in need of assistance due to energy resource price rise and what assistance they can be provided with, said the politician.
The PM said this issue may be resolved together with next year’s budget, maybe sooner if money from the budget for emergencies is allocated this year.