Plane crashes in US and Russia claim many lives

In the US and Russia, two plane crashes have taken place, taking the lives of a total of at least 18 people, US broadcaster Fox News reports.
On Monday, October 11, in the US state of California a suburb of the San Diego city was hit by the crash of a small passenger plane. At least two people were killed as the plane, which was identified as a two-engine Cessna C340, crashed into the residential neighbourhood at about 12:15 p.m. The damage was large and two other people were taken to nearby hospitals. The National Transportation Safety Board said it is investigating the crash. A local fire official noted that the site of the crash was a «brutal scene,» Fox News reports.
Parachutists die in Russia’s Tatarstan
On Sunday, October 10, a small passenger plane carrying 20 parachute jumpers and two crew members crashed after take-off in the Russian region of Tatarstan early on Sunday. In the accident 16 people died and six were injured, according to the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
Flying at the height of 70 meters, the pilots reported that their left engine had failed and attempted an emergency landing near the city of Menzelinsk. During emergency landing the aircraft’s wing hit a vehicle on the ground and it overturned, Tatarstan’s governor Rustam Minnikhanov stated as quoted by Fox News.