Philippine typhoon death toll reaches 375

In South-East Asia, the island nation of the Philippines has been hit by a powerful typhoon, which has brought devastation to many tropical areas and left at least 375 people dead, British public broadcaster BBC reports.
The storm called the supertyphoon Rai began on December 12, last week and has gradually subsided after bringing record-speed winds and devastation to the region, which is regularly battered by typhoons from the Pacific Ocean.
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BBC correspondent Howard Johnson visited the Siargao Island, in south-eastern Philippines, which is almost cut off to aid because of the devastation. Amid widespread devastation on the island normally popular among tourists, the devastation to infrastructure is so serious that power supply is expected to be restored in three months.
The humanitarian aid organisation Red Cross has commented that following the supertyphoon, there is «carnage» in many areas, with no power, no communications and very little water, while thousands of emergency personnel have been deployed to help the relief operation, BBC reports.