People in Mexico protest against rising femicide problem

In the streets of Mexico City, several hundred people have gathered in a protest to raise awareness of the femicide issue in Mexico, as hundreds of women are killed in the Latin American country per year, BBC reports.
As many as 975 women were killed in Mexico in 2020, and 762 deaths have occurred in the country from January to September this year. Femicide, which means the deliberate killing of women because of their gender, is increasingly a cause for concern in Mexico.
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Last week, Mexicans marked the traditional Day of the Dead on November 2. A day later, on November 3, the «Day of Dead Women» protest was held as hundreds of people gathered in Mexico City, chanting «We are your voice,» demonstrators used megaphones to read out the names of murdered women. They also held crosses with the names and photographs of some of the victims.
«The main demand is to urge the government to listen to us, to arrest people who are at large and for justice to be done,» Cintia Ramírez, whose niece Dulce Lilián was murdered by her husband in 2019, explained to the EFE news agency. «They aren’t going to bring our dead back but at least they can give us some peace and tranquillity,» Ramírez noted, as quoted by the BBC.