Packaging deposit system in Latvia. The cans and cannots

The long-awaited packaging deposit system will become operational in Latvia on 1 February, reminds LLC Depozīta iepakojuma operators.
The company in charge of the packaging deposit system reports residents will be able to deposit glass, plastic (PET) and metal (cans) packaging for beverages, all kinds of beer and other alcoholic beverages (up to 6%). However, deposited packaging will need to have no major damage marks. On the label attached to packaging there will need to be a clearly readable bar code and Latvian packaging deposit system label.
Which types of packaging will be accepted by the system?
From 1 February 2022 onward residents in Latvia will be able to deposit glass, plastic (PET) and metal (cans) beverage packaging. These types of packaging generally hold different carbonated and non-carbonated non-alcoholic beverages, beer and fermented products with alcohol concentration of up to 6%.
It is important to note here that the deposit system will not accept bottles that contained wine and strong alcohol.
Criteria for deposit packaging
Residents will be able to deposit empty, intact and uncompressed packaging as long as there are no major damage. Labels have to remain on the packaging and have a clearly readable bar code and Latvian deposit label, which indicates compatibility of the packaging type with the deposit system, as well as the fact that the person has paid the deposit fee. Considering each country has its own independent deposit packaging system, packaging procured in other countries is not compatible with Latvia’s deposit system.
Plastic bottles will be allowed to be deposited both with and without caps. However, the deposit system operator recommends residents to deposit bottles with caps because it will also mean the caps will be recycled, ensuring a cleaner environment. Additionally, leaving the bottle with the cap on makes it easier to maintain its initial form.
Plastic (PET), glass and metal packaging inclusion in the deposit system is governed by Cabinet of Ministers Requirements Nr.519. Looking at the experience of Latvia’s neighbouring countries and countries around the world, packaging made of plastic, glass and metal make up the largest ratio of beverage packaging and the most common form of waste found in the environment, streets, public and entertainment locations.
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