Opinion: parties that oppose vaccination should take responsibility for the pandemic among non-vaccinated people

There is a Covid-19 pandemic observed among non-vaccinated people in Latvia. Responsibility for it should be taken by the political parties that still object vaccination, says New Unity Saeima faction chairman Ainārs Latkovskis.
The politician critically outlined that the parties that oppose vaccination continue misleading people by spreading untrue information about the vaccination.
When asked about the possibility of new restrictions being imposed in Latvia, Latkovskis said a lockdown is no solution – it is a short-term solution. «Vaccination is the only way out,» said the leader of New Unity faction.
The politician also said the topic of new restrictions should be discussed by the government as whole with aid from experts to see how much of an impact restrictions or an entire lockdown could have on families, education institutions, the economy, people’s and state budget income.
Such steps have to be considered very carefully. There is no room for using the approach proposed in populist proposals on doing everything quickly in «one shot», says Latkovskis.
As it is known, Latvian Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts proposed tightening epidemiological restrictions during a meeting of the coalition on 4 October.
He said the Covid-19 situation continues getting worse in Latvia. The number of hospitalized patients exceeded 500 last Friday, 1 October. The number of people hospitalized on Monday, 4 October, was 585.
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As previously reported, Latvian Medical Association and Latvian Junior Doctors Association have asked the government to act now and impose tighter restrictions to halt the spread of Covid-19 infection.
The Cross-Sectoral Coordination Centre’s academic environment experts group invites the Cabinet of Ministers to prepare a plan for Covid-19 restriction measures as soon as possible.
Epidemiologist associated with the vaccination project Nikita Trojanskis stated on social media that Covid-19 continues spreading uncontrollably in Latvia. This is why it is recommended to declare strict lockdowns once a month or for an entire week. This measure may remain in force until January 2022.