Only valid Covid-19 certificates for prison guards in Latvia

From 11 October onward, only persons with a valid Covid-19 will be allowed to stay within prison territory, as decided by Latvian Prison Administration.
This requirement does not extend to prisoners – only prison workers and visitors.
Prison workers may be permitted to work if they are tested negative for Covid-19 using an RNA test performed 72 hours before arriving at the prison.
Information regarding epidemiological safety requirements for prison workers, testing and vaccination will be published after the government has made its decision.
As previously reported, Latvian Crisis Management Council decided on Thursday, 7 October, agreed on declaration of a state of emergency for a period of three months.
All people employed in the public sector will be obligated to undergo compulsory Covid-19 vaccination, said Latvian Prime Minister Krišjānis Kariņš after the council meeting.
He explained that ministries are now working on guidelines for employers when it comes to vaccination of employees. While until now only doctors, teachers and social care workers were the only people for whom Covid-19 vaccination was compulsory, the Crisis Management Council decided this week to make vaccination compulsory for all people employed in the public sector – both state and municipal sector.
The vaccination requirement in the private sector will be expanded as well. Minister of Health Daniels Pavļuts said after the meeting that the upcoming decision from the Cabinet of Ministers will make it compulsory for private employers to consider making vaccination compulsory for employees. This is especially true for persons whose duties are critical to the company they work for or if their duties include direct close contacts with clients.
For all of the aforementioned decisions to come to force, they have to be approved by the government at the next extraordinary meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers.