Only vaccinated residents allowed to work in person in Latvia starting today

From 15 December onward only persons who are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 are allowed to work in person in all sectors of Latvia, according to the previously approved order on the declaration of the state of emergency.
At the same time, from 15 December onward persons who have completed a full vaccination course but have not yet received their Covid-19 vaccination certificate are also allowed to work in person.
Compulsory vaccination also extends to those people who do not have close contacts with customers and therefore have low risk of infection but who nonetheless work in person (outside their home).
15 December is the final term for acquisition of Covid-19 vaccination certificate for the people employed in the public sector. For people whose duties require them to perform their duties in person or remotely the end term for certificate acquisition was 15 November.
The same conditions apply to people employed in the private sector, whose duties involve close contacts with clients and who provide uninterrupted operations of their respective company.
As of 12 December 962 763 employed people in Latvia are vaccinated for Covid-19, which accounts for 94% of the entire number of employed people.
The biggest number of non-vaccinated people industry-wise is in the transport and storage sector (14 600 people or 19% remain non-vaccinated as of 12 December), said Ministry of Economics representative Jānis Salmiņš at a meeting of the government on 14 December.
About 10 700 or 15% of workers remain non-vaccinated in the construction sector, 8 500 or 16% remain non-vaccinated in professional, scientific and technical services, 7 600 or 26% remain non-vaccinated in the art, entertainment and leisure sector, as well as 6 800 or 6% of people remain non-vaccinated in the processing industry.
About 4 900 or 15% of employees remain non-vaccinated in the real estate operations sector, about 2 500 or 2% of people in the commercial sector, 2 400 or 21% people in the energy sector, 2 200 or 5% of people employed in the ICT sector.