October to conclude with pleasant and warm weather in Latvia

In the next four days weather in Latvia will be dictated by the north-western portion of a wide anticyclone. Daytime air temperature will increase to a pleasant +10° C… +14° C, according to Latvian Environment, Geology and Meteorology Centre.
Meteorologists expect new temperature record.
At the end of the week weather will be cloudy, but no precipitation is expected. The wind will blow from the south and will be slow.
The last days of October will be warm. Meteorologists expect air temperature records.
Daytime air temperature will reach +10° C…+14° C. Night-time air temperature will be at +5° C… +10° C. On the night to Saturday, 30 October, air temperature will drop to +1° C… +4° C.
Meteorologists report that weather will be clear in most of Latvia on Monday, 1 November. Wind speed will be slow. Air temperature will reach +9° C… +12° C during the day and drop to +4° C… +9° C at night.
From Tuesday onward weather in Latvia will be dictated by cyclone activity. Under its influence weather will be cloudy and rainy. Some areas may experience lasting rainfall. South-eastern wind will be gradually replaced by south, south-west wind, which may reach high speed at times. Air temperature at night will stay at +4° C… +9° C and daytime air temperature will be at +6° C… +10° C.