Number of unemployed residents in Latvia reaches all-time low

Currently there are approximately 50 000 people jobless people in Latvia. This is an all-time lowest number of unemployed people in the country, said the Director of the State Employment Agency (NVA) Evita Simsone in an interview to Latvijas Radio on Wednesday, the 26th of July.
The unemployment level in Latvia is down from 6.3%, which is the level observed at the start of the year, to 5.6%, reminds Simsone, adding that the unemployment level was even lower in the country in the past, but there has never been this few unemployed residents.
According to the director of NVA,

this increases tension due to shortage of workers.

On top of that, regional differences in Latvia remain significant.
According to data provided by Simsone, there is a tangible shortage of teachers, medical staff, programmers, vehicle drivers, construction workers and assistant worker in various sectors.
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