Number of passengers serviced by Riga airport remains low when compared to 2019

In October 2021 passenger turnover at Riga International Airport comprised 351 thousand passengers, which is 3.9 times more than in October 2020 and 5.1 % more than in the previous month.
This is the second largest number of passengers at airport since the beginning of pandemic in March 2020. However, compared in October 2019 before the pandemic, when there were 705.2 thousand passengers, the drop comprises 50.2 %, according to data of the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia.
The total number of flights in October was 4 770, which is 1.8 times more than a year ago.
In ten months of this year the number of passengers at airport comprised 1.78 million passengers, which is 124.7 thousand or 6.5 % less than in the corresponding period of 2020 and 4.89 million or 73.3 % less than in ten months of 2019.
In October 2021 the total volume of cargo and mail loaded and unloaded1 comprised 2.5 thousand tons, which is 21.5 % more than in September and 17.3 % more than in October 2020.
In October 2021, 1.6 thousand tons of cargo and mail were unloaded, which is 43.3 % more than in October 2020, and 0.9 thousand tons of cargo and mail were loaded, which is 10 % less.