Number of Latvians in Latvia down in last decade, but ratio is up

In the last ten years the number of Latvians has gone down, but their ration has increased, according to an outlook composed by the Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia (CSP) for 2022.
At the beginning of the year there were 1 182 000 Latvians living in Latvia. Their numbers, however, have gone down by 74 300 people since 2011.
On the other hand, the ratio of Latvians in Latvia has increased. While in 2011 Latvians composed 60.5% of the population, now it is 63%.
According to CSP, the ethnic composition of communities varies between regions and national cities.

At the beginning of 2022, Latvians composed less than half of the population in Riga, Daugavpils and Rezekne.

In Daugavpils, for example, Latvians made up 20.9% of the local population at the beginning of the way. The ratio of Latvians was the highest in Valmiera – 85.4%.
Region-wise the ratio of Latvians in local populations was the highest in Vidzeme – 87.9%, whereas the lowest was in Latgale – 46.5%.
At the beginning of the year the ratio of Russian-speaking residents in Latvia was at 24.2%, Belarusians – 3.1%, Ukrainians – 2.2%, Polish – 1.9%, and Lithuanians – 1.1%.
The ratio of other nationalities in Latvia is at 4.5%.
The average age of Latvians is 40.5 years, that of Russian-speaking resident is 48.4 years, Belarusians – 56.4 years, Ukrainians – 53.4 years, Polish – 52.1 years, and Lithuanians – 52.1 years.
At the beginning of the year the highest average age in Latvia was among Jewish residents (57.3 years) whereas the lowest average wage was among Indians – 27 years.