Number of Covid-19 victims globally exceeds 5 000 000

During the pandemic thus far, more than 5 000 000 people have died from health conditions related to the virus disease Covid-19, according to American medical statisticians, as quoted by the BBC.
The Coronavirus Resource Centre of the US Johns Hopkins University has calculated that by Monday, November 1, the number of registered Covid-19 deaths worldwide has reached 5 001 991. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates the pandemic’s real global death toll could be two to three times higher than official records.
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Countries with the largest number of registered Covid-19 are the US with over 745,800, followed by Brazil, with 607,824 recorded deaths, and India, with 458,437. It has taken the world longer to reach the latest one million deaths than the previous two. It took over 110 days to go from four million deaths to five million. That is compared to just under 90 days to rise from three million to four million.
The WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus pointed to a rise in cases in Europe, where countries with low vaccination rates are seeing soaring infections and deaths. In the last week of October, Russia registered its highest number of daily cases and deaths since the start of the pandemic. The worlds largest country by the size of its territory made up 10% of the last million deaths recorded globally, BBC reports.