Notorious Latvian politician Šlesers’ debt before Latvia measured in hundreds of thousands

Notorious politician and businessman Ainārs Šlesers is making his return to politics. However, it seems he has unpaid debts worth more than EUR 860 000, according to portal.
The political party For a Good Latvia owes the Latvian state EUR 108 303.92 and LPP/LC owes the state EUR 752 514.23, according to data from the Corruption Prevention and Combating Bureau (KNAB). This means the total debt amount goes up to EUR 860 816.13. These debts are penalties previously applied by KNAB to the parties for violations committed during pre-election promotional campaigns. Those penalties were calculated in lats. Based on the currency exchange rate for Latvia’s former currency and euro, the amount comes to EUR 860 000.
«Looking at all this, Šlesers founded and liquidated one party after another in an attempt to scrub himself clean of his political past and past political associations. This is why his latest political party is not a continuation of some previous party, rather something ‘completely new’ and fresh. The only problem is that the rhetoric remains the same,» writes.
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As it is known, at the 11th Saeima snap elections Šlesers’ party LPP/LC failed to overcome the 5% barrier. His party received only 1.18% of votes at the 12th Saeima elections.