Notorious anti-vaxer politician Ainārs Šlesers tested Covid-19 positive

Latvian businessman and politician Ainārs Šlesers has been tested positive for Covid-19, according to his post on Facebook.
He also wrote that he is not vaccinated for Covid-19 and that before every trip abroad he went through a Covid-19 test.
«I had a slight headache in the morning on 22 October. Body temperature was 37.5° C. I decided to test for Covid-19. The test result turned out positive.»

Šlesers notes he is currently abroad and he is under a ten-day quarantine.
As it is known, his new political party Latvia in First Place is sceptical about Covid-19 and is in favour of «voluntary vaccination». This political party includes members who are vocal about vaccination being unnecessary.
As reported by LTV, the political party’s secretary general Arnis Cimdars recently passed away after Covid-19 infection.
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