North Korean satellite launch failed

North Korea has informed that unexpected problems have arisen and its first satellite has fallen into the sea, writes the BBC.
Pyongyang previously reported a plan to launch a satellite to monitor US military activities and hoped to do so by the 11th of June. A second attempt is now reported to happen as soon as possible.
The launch of the satellite prompted an alert in the South Korean capital, Seoul, and Japan issued warnings to the people of Okinawa. In Seoul, air-raid sirens and warnings to prepare to evacuate caused panic, which was stopped 20 minutes later by information that the alert had been false. On the Korean peninsula, false evacuation notices can seriously undermine public confidence in the emergency information system.

North Korea is an ongoing threat to its neighbor,

and the question that will be asked in the event of an alert going forward will be whether it is taken seriously.
Seoul’s mayor said the city will work on improving the notification system to avoid future confusing situations.
Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida said North Korea may have fired a ballistic missile and the government is analyzing the information. He added that there were no reports of damage.

Japan has previously informed that it is ready to shoot down anything that could threaten its territory.

The United States, South Korea, and Japan have condemned Pyongyang’s actions, stating that it is a clear violation of several UN resolutions. US National Security Council spokesman Adam Hodge said the door to diplomatic talks is not closed, but Pyongyang must immediately end its provocative actions. Hodge added that the US will do everything to protect itself and its allies.
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has also condemned North Korea’s actions.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has identified the development of satellite technology as an essential element in strengthening the country’s defense capabilities.
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