No blizzard tickets introduced in Riga because no significant growth in snow layer is expected

No so-called blizzard tickets were adopted in Riga on Tuesday, the 16th of January, because weather forecasts did not indicate there would be a significant rise in the layer of snow, Riga City Council comments.
“Blizzard tickets” are usually introduced in situations with intense snowfall to motivate residents to not use private vehicles for transportation purposes. The municipal administration makes the decision on “blizzard tickets” based on analysis of various factors affecting road traffic. One of the most important factors is the weather forecast.

Although a warning regarding intense snowfall was announced, the forecast indicated that the layer of snow would grow by 5 cm.

This isn’t critical to impact the work of road maintenance services, representatives of the municipal administration explained their decision. Thanks to the recent thaw and snow-clearing, the snow in the city did not accumulate in large volumes and snow-clearing equipment was not overloaded with work.
“Blizzard tickets” allow motorists to use public transport services for free by presenting their car’s technical certificate.
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