New republic declared in Caribbean region – Barbados

There is a new republic in the world from this week – Barbados. The island country in the Caribbean region has decided to separate itself from the post-colonial British Commonwealth system with the Queen of the United Kingdom as its head, British news portal The Guardian reports.
On Tuesday, November 30, in the country’s capital Bridgetown, the inauguration of the first President of Barbados, Sandra Mason, took place.
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Barbadian leaders have mooted a republic since the run-up to independence in 1966, when the country’s first prime minister, Errol Barrow, told a British minister his nation would «not loiter on colonial property past closing time». It took until Independence Day in November 2020 for Barbadian government to announce the transition.
A comprehensive survey of Barbadian attitudes to the British royal family – the early results of which were shared with The Guardian – noted that more than 60% of Barbadians were in favour of becoming a republic. A half of them half of them were in favour enthusiastically, while about one in ten people preferred to keep the status quo.